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Celebrating our unsung heroes 

In the complex and highly intricate process of creating a fragrance, our laboratories in France tweak and finesse each formula endlessly before they arrive at the perfect balance of notes. Working with flowers and botanicals from Southeast Asia and beyond, often, it’s the unsung heroes that give each fragrance that extra something special. Over the next few months, we will be running a series shining light on the unsung hero ingredients in our fragrances which many of us know by name but may not know too much about. First up, orris root and violet, key notes in our Vietnamese Rose & Delentii and Frangipani & Neroli fragrances. 

Orris Root

Found in our Vietnamese Rose & Delentii, Frangipani & Neroli and Tuberose Absolute & Sandalwood fragrances, Orris comes from the dried roots of the Iris and was used in fragrances in Ancient Rome and Greece. With a powdery, suede-like scent, it brings an earthy middle note to our delicate florals.


In our Vietnamese Rose & Delentii, Frangipani & Neroli, Water Hyacinth & Lime Blossom fragrances, we use Violet to lend a delicate floral top note. Extracted by steeping the flower petals in oil, their soft, sweet scent brings a romantic aura to sweep you away to flower filled gardens steeped in the rich, layered scents of another place and time.


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