This new citrus noir fragrance captures the romance of a sun-warmed garden as it unfolds its enchanting scents into the evening air. Rich notes of Wild Fig, Tuberose and night-flowering Jasmine combine with the freshness of Bergamot, crisp Vetiver and the warmth of Cedarwood to create this many layered fragrance.

Inspired by one of her favourite paintings, the famous oil ‘Girl with the Tuberose,’ created in 1943 by Vietnamese artist To Ngoc Van, Cochine founder Kate Crofton-Atkins set out  to develop a fragrance that encapsulated one of the times of day in Saigon she loves best. Capturing that magical moment when dusk falls, the air still warm from the sun, and the Tuberose and Jasmine start bursting into flower, the fragrance is enchanting and evocative, rich and indulgent.

Created using the finest essential oils, Tuberose & Wild Fig contains pure Tuberose Absolute oil from Southern France. One of the world’s most precious oils, it takes over 2kg of  blossom to produce just 1g of the essence.

Combined with the richness of Wild Fig inspired by the majestic Fig trees of Saigon and blended with citrus notes of Vetiver, Sicilian Lemon and Bergamot; the ingredients come together to create a scent that is dark and romantic, yet wonderfully crisp.

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