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When skincare and fragrance specialist Kate Crofton-Atkins moved to Saigon she was instantly struck by the city’s unique style, elegance and romance.

Charmed by everyday scenes around her from hidden streets overflowing with Jasmine to the stylish backdrop of French architecture, she set about designing a range of fragrances that could capture these unique moments and the carefree sense of escape they provided.

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Kate's Travels - A Postcard from Singapore

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of bustling metropolis and exotic charm, Singapore has it all. With wonderful, old world treasures hidden in its shophouse lined streets, it’s also a city that’s buzzing with fabulous restaurants, boutiques and cafés. 

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Formulated to Revive, Refresh and Invigorate

Harnessing the power of nature, Cochine’s luxurious Hand & Body Lotions and Washes are packed with active, natural ingredients that leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth and perfectly scented and you ready to go about your day.

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Tuberose & Wild Fig - Story Behind the Scent

Cochine’s Tuberose & Wild Fig fragrance was created to capture that magical moment, when dusk falls in a sun-warmed Saigon garden and the Tuberose and Jasmine start bursting into flower. Discover the story behind the creation of this evocative scent.

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