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A castaway isle floating off the coast of Vietnam, Phú Quốc is an island fringed with palm lined, breezy beaches. It was weekends spent relaxing here, on its soft white sandy shores brushed with the shade of frangipani trees, that inspired our founder Kate to create our Frangipani & Neroli Fragrance. Designed to capture the wonderful sense of escape that only the tropics hold, it’s delicate, fresh tones are the scent of summer. 


Nothing takes you to the tropics like the warm, honeyed tones of the Frangipani flower. Found lining Phú Quốc’s gardens and beaches, its smooth, sweet fragrance, combined in our scent with the delicate freshness of precious Neroli, creates an idyll of blissful tranquility in your home.



Sweeping you away to Phú Quốc’s soft white sands brushed with the shade of palm trees swaying gently in the warm ocean breeze, our Frangipani & Neroli fragrance inspires peace and a sense of carefree calm.



Fashioned in the spirit of true escape, the wonderfully unpretentious Mango Bay Resort was Kate’s favourite spot on the island. A place that luxuriates in the tropical nature that surrounds it, it’s a truly unique getaway that commands time to stand still.

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