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Of all the active, natural ingredients we use in our smooth, softening hand creams, it’s sodium hyaluronate that’s the most vital in delivering its exceptionally moisturising benefits. A lighter form of hyaluronic acid, this powerful agent can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water - which is why, when applied to your skin, it attracts, holds and immerses your cells in that all important moisture.

As a compound that mixes easily with water, with a low molecular weight, it’s also extremely effective in penetrating the deeper layers of your skin, providing hydration that goes beyond the surface. Reducing dryness and roughness - and with them, the appearance of fine lines - this magic ingredient is also anti-inflammatory. The perfect antidote for winter hands dried out by cold and endless harsh soaps and sanitisers, it’s the perfect touch of luxury for now.

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