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 Preparing your home for the holiday season is as much about creating an atmosphere as it is about vision and style. At Cochine, we believe strongly in the power of fragrance to lift, change and inspire a mood, and at no time of year is this more true than at Christmas.

Whether you’re wanting to set the scene for an evening of elegant entertaining or settling in for a spot of indulgent relaxation, the right fragrance will bring a wonderful, luxurious warmth to your home, lifting your senses and your spirits. Our favourite scents for this time of year all have deep, sumptuous tones that suit winter nights and inspire comfort. We like to pair them together to create a multi-layered, rich atmosphere that sets the tone and mood in an instant. Below, you can find out more.


This warm and all encompassing fragrance combines the deeply sensuous aroma of Agarwood with the warmth of White Amber, Tuberose and Patchouli, making it an ideal choice for indulgent, wintry nights. We like to layer it with our seasonal Juniper & Ginger candle to create an instantly festive atmosphere.


Combining the crisp scent of Juniper with the sweet spiciness of Ginger, this fragrance brings a sumptuous wintry warmth to any room. Hints of Clove, Bergamot and Patchouli blend with the freshness of Eucalyptus to envelop you in a fragrance reminiscent of evergreen forests and alpine charm. Perfect for this time of year, use this scent to transport your guests to a winter wonderland the moment they enter your home.


Blending two of the Orient’s most evocative aromas, this elegant fragrance encapsulates the magical allure of Saigon at sunset: that moment of contented reflection before the sun gives way to the stars and the evening unfolds. With a lovely, delicate spiciness to it, this scent brings a sensuous aroma. Pair our luxurious 4 Wick Candle with a Juniper & Ginger diffuser to create a wonderful, seasonal centrepiece. 







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